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Suicide Factors: hate, rejection, and anti-gay rhetoric are linked to cyberbullying and young gay teen suicides.

"Women still not equal in the workplace, the gay community still repressed through hate and rejection."

The Coercive Tactics are linked to Sexual Harassment, and a good informative read from Margaret Thaler Singer PH.D

Discrimination and sexual harassment are both linked to poor health, sexual harassment is linked to power, and the coercive mind control tactics article by Margaret Singer PH.D is linked to the issue.

On the Occupational Health and Safety page, recent activity involves British textile corporations in Bangladesh, Tesco, Tommy Hilfiger, The GAP, building safety, and the death of thousands of women.

The Obesity Epidemic and Sugar page to promote awareness: MENTAL HEALTH "Consuming a high-fructose diet not only undermines body metabolism but compromises mental health," -- LDL CHOLESTEROL "Studies have linked excess sugar consumption to dangerous levels of LDL cholesterol, increased plaque deposits" -- Number One Killer of Women, HEART DISEASE -- HIGH COST OF OBESITY (2010): $147 billion a year, $14 billion for child obesity, $344 billion projected in 8 years, 21% of total medical costs. -- "American Diabetes Association shows the total cost of diabetes was $245 billion in 2012 -- a 41% increase"

Influence of the Mind is our most recent page that involves intentional homicides through psychological manipulation, influence of the mind, suicide and the cause of intentional rage shootings, through abuse, to advocate gun control, a defenseless population to hidden subjugation through organized crime and tyranny.

The US UK partnership, secret police, have deployed a criminal harassment network, in colonies like Quebec Canada for subjugation, the Psychological Manipulations, Routines, have been documented and available Psychological Manipulation

We created the Radar Assaults and Faraday Cages, and Technology pages to provide information about these technologies that victims are faced with in these hidden dictatorships, colonies, Quebec Canada.

We started updating our site again, SEO, got hit immediately on Jul 28 2021 through backpack, geiger counter, laptops.. theft. Strange events, clues linked to this theft which includes RCMP, SPVM, QC Gov (SAAQ, IVAC). Dec 2021, new laptop.. New Updates include Xray TERRORISM, an ongoing corruption issue with RCMP, City Police, Gov.. NOTE court battles, superior court from Oct 21 2011 to 2016 that failed were followed by PM Trudeau and Wildon-Raybould Death Needle legislation. Feb 2021, a person is placed by Welcome Hall employees in my room with serious covid19 syptoms. His name is Mr Lepine. Ongoing issue with RCMP..

Mobbing in Modern Society attempts to bankrupt us started on Feb 21 2011, Police and Secret Police harassment network that I was documenting, teamwork, high surveillence, fabricated false allegations "uttering threats towards women" from online Mobbing Research article that involves homelessness linked to rage shootings, and MLepine (theory, fabricated) suicide note. More police and secret police teamwork that involves using radiological and sonic weapon types. More fabricated fines and high surveillence (backpack theft).. In A Nut Shell Gov glitches, delays, eviction, no address no basic income check homelessness "it's society" - (secret police) Gov members combined with secret police using homelessness threats: do what we say, you'll eat garbage, cancer, anal sex and gay men, etc. Also "it's capitalism". Secret Police manipulate, guide towards gangs (drugs, human trafficking), suicide, and retaliation. They don't aim blame at society, they aim blame for mobbing, corruption, repression, homelessness at women vandettas, gay men, jews, etc. Ongoing radiological weapon issue with City Police, SQ, RCMP (jurisdiction). We may be the first in Canada, the world, to film radiolation weapon terrorism events ref Oct 17 2019 ("like Chernobyl" no police report, no police ethics violation, RCMP .. ongoing). Feb 1 2021 Welcome Hall employees place someone with serious BIOAgent COVID19 symptoms in my room. His name turns out to be Mr Lepine.

Many of the homeless are gay drug addicts, Native women too. They will not pay rent "low income housing", and it's a medical issue. Where are these drugs from? The drug money, billions, is in Toronto real estate, other cities real estate. A new homelessness factor, part of the give all the money to the wealthy cycles and huge deficits, (Conservatives and Liberals Western Gov corruption, tyranny, "let them eat cake"), that lead to financial meltdowns and stock market crashes "it's capitalism", .. (new is using BIOAgents mortgage payments to prevent these), involves falling dollar value, job losses, unpaid mortgages.. Inflation, which increases new homelessness in non drug addicts. Real estate values go up, land lords want to increase rent, need to evict tenants .. claim renovations in many cases, etc. NOTE Trump had interest in ongoing tax cuts, rising real estate (inflation) values, BIOAgent COVID19, .. , maybe repression too. Too Much Info for our front page.

Discriminsaiton, Harassment, Women's Rights


The 2001 Pres Bush tax cuts for wealthy three months before 9/11 created huge deficits, which led to the 2008 financial meltdown and stock market crash "it's capitalism". Can also be refered to Cycles Of Taking Wealth, Cycles Of Give All The Money To Wealthy, [ Fraud on The People of USA (gov and media deceit, lies, .. to general population) ] , which lead to falling dollar value, job losses, unpaid mortgages, colllapsing banks, .. , inflation, higher interest rates, higher real estate values, recession, depressions, etc. Obama rescued the US and Global Economy through bank bailouts but did not fix the problem.

During Pres Trumps term he down plays the (BIOAgent) pandemic 2019-2020, and it's actually used to prevent another US led financial meltdown through mortgage payment support.

(Chemical BIOAgent Radiological Nuclear Explosive)


Used to burn lungs, stomach, testicles, shins, feet, etc. Inflict brain damage, brain tumors, heart, liver, etc. Damage and sleep deprivation on aware and unaware victims ref Sonic weapon attacks on USA gov employees in China and Cuba. In QC Canada it is used by secret police participants, Government and Police (corruption), repression, hidden subjugation (human trafficking), influence of the mind homicides, homicides. STM Public Transportation, City and Federal Infrustructures, Universities, Shopping Centers, Public Libraries.. (HSS LRAD Sleep Deprivation on aware and unaware, restless leg syndrome and sound tech assaults)


From neighboring apartments, workplace stock rooms, from behind washroom and sitting area walls, floors and indoor parking below, etc.

Aug 17 2017 UQAM University Xray TERRORISM

Oct 1 2018 Complex-Desjardins Washroom Xray TERRORISM

Oct 17 2019 Complex-Desjardins Xray TERRORISM

Feb 8 2019 Atwater Alexis Nihon Shopping Center Xray TERRORISM

Dec 10 2019 Concordia University Xray TERRORISM

City Police, Federal Police (RCMP) claim no "competence for weapon type", no equipment, refuse to take complaints and evidence in QC Canada. QC Liberal Public Safety Minister no plans to legislate Police competence for radiological weapons, case closed for Government on this unresolved issue. QC Police Ethics, Justice Canada Superior Court side with Police, Police can refuse to take complaints. PM Trudeau and Wilson-Raybould legislate death needle.

I strongly believe that Jr Racine (brain rupture) and MVilliard (brain tumor) (US Native Ancestry) were killed with sonic weapons when minors. More recently I believe that Kenny Mergel and Marco Delgado were killed with radiological weapons or nuclear poison. I also believe more victims (children) of radiological weapons mislead "it's Hydro-Quebec" by QC Gov and Secret Police participants. The granite at Namur STM Station is radioactive, the recent granite at Hydro-Quebec HQ also radioactive.

The Mobbing Research article arrest of Feb 21 2011 (Laval Police Lt. Charbonneau, Superior Court Judge Charbonneau Oct 21 2011, Sgt Charbonneau ..) involves homelessness being linked to rage shootings, and a theory that someone aware of this fabricated, typed, MLepines suicide letter. Basically says that it's not the case, in his case it's because he hates women.

In A Nut Shell, secret police participants use threats of homelessness, in the workplace and externally, which eventually comes through Gov participants in glitches, delays, eviction, no address no welfare check. In other words, the real cause of MLepine's rage shootings would be Gov participants in cornering targeted citizens with secret police participants that use threats, repeated suggestions of retaliation, aim blame at others, guide retaliation.. Influence Of The Mind Homicides similar to guiding towards gangs, suicide, (retaliation).

Sonic weapon terrorism (ref LRAD HSS Gamma Gun "The Knife", China, Cuba) type ceiling emitters used by City of Montreal, STM Public Transportation, Atwater Shopping center, Concordia University, McGill University, Public Libraries.. are combined with secret police participants posing as students with sonic weapon tech integrated into laptops. It's combined with Police corruption. CBRNe & Sonic .. + Police corruption


- Charbonneau(s) Oct 21 2011 Superior Court (Abuse Of Process : non-criminal responsibility before trial & radiological weapons) no time to read these today .. dismissed;

- Crawford FBI 2013 plan to kill gov with radiological weapon, life sentence;

- QC Public Safety Lib Theriault 2014 no intention to legislate Police radiological weapon competence ref "not competent for weapon type" - Police;

- Arcand 2015-2016 Superior Court "as per Police Law, cannot force Police to take complaints" radiological weapon terrorism;

- RCMP Montreal HQ div C 2015-2016 "not competent for weapon type" "no equipment" similar to City Police;

[ Police and Government misleading, misinforming victims of corruption, crime, terrorism. ]

- Trudeau death needle legislation 2016-2017 Justice Canada Wilson-Raybould;

- RCMP Montreal HQ div C 2018-2019 "no mandate in cities" "no jurisdiction in cities" similar to Surete du Quebec; RCMP Civil Complaints Commission agrees with RCMP, followed later by claims I am vexatious;

- RCMP Montreal HQ div C 2019 "only RCMP National Security (terrorism div) has jurisdiction and can take complaints";

- RCMP Montreal HQ div C, Cho, Lavoie, .. radiological weapon evidence videos 2019;

- RCMP Montreal HQ div C, following Dec 10 2019 instructed to bring evidence to RCMP (Micro SD card : Aug 17 2017, .. , Feb 8 2019, Dec 10 2019), following Dec 20 2019 physical attack told no longer taking complaints and evidence;

- IVAC (Victims Of Crime) need SPVM RCMP Police Report number (no police reports, no police ethics violation and Sept 1 2021 case numbers for 2019); Radiological and Sonic weapon terrorism, Nuclear and Chemical poison terrorism, BIOAgent (Homeless Shelters: Toronto to Montreal flesh eating disease?) .. COVID19, Homelessness and Human Trafficking.. Secret Police participants (Mobbing - Corruption - Repression);

- July 28 2021 Backpack stolen with SOEKS Geiger counter, laptops with RCMP SQ SPVM corruption evidence, wallet : credit cards, bank cards, driving license, Canadian Passport; The people giving me hard time about having a handcart, instead of just one backpack over the years has been STM employees, Provigo on Park ave, McGillU before being banned for filming my surroundings and radiation, and Welcome Hall Mission reps.

(Under high surveillance, pretences of secret police (gay men) participant protection, pretenses of trying to help, another repression routine/pattern !? The usual suspects: RCMP, City Police, Secret Police participants [ ref SPVM Croteau & Corbeil ]. NOTE SPVM Fine linked "Police Discretion" and Radiological Weapon attack at Atwater Feb 8 2019 was lost in Montreal Criminal Court through auto-guilty. This, SAAQ document with Caron employee name combined with two SAAQ employees were used in attempts to block id recovery at SAAQ)

3] Following Dec 10 2019 radiological weapon attack I was told by 1(800) 420-5805 Terrorism TIP LINE to bring the video evidence to RCMP HQ div C, which I did and given to two people inside. Recently the same RCMP 1(800) 420-5805 Terrorism TIP LINE, transfered to an Ottawa citizen (not RCMP Officer), denies this happened. Following Dec 20 2019 physical attack I was told RCMP National Security Terrorism div going back to not taking complaints and evidence, have no resources to help victims of terrorism, ongoing organized crime and corruption. More recently in 2021 RCMP National Security inform me they are back to taking complaints at RCMP HQ div C by RCMP Cst Deffose.

4] Oct 17 2019 at Complex-Desjardins, radiological weapon terrorism attack, seems from below in Parking area, 911 SPVM Police, they view video evidence "like Chernobyl" and physical attack, "do not need video evidence", will write Police Report, SPVM Police did not warn anyone, did not search for terrorists and weapon, no police report, no police ethics violation; Dec 10 2019, called SPVM Police, they refuse to come to ConcordiaU radiological weapon terrorism location, want me to go to Police station, no police ethics violation:


Aug 9 2017 Police fabricate fine ("tent" (Natives - Werewolves- Vampires) Eclipse Saga blanket) Park Fine WITHDRAWN $176 (304 894 354), MTL 350 Stage Prep


Historic Eclipse Aug 20 Historic Eclipse Aug 21 2021

Feb 8 2019 Alexis Nihon Atwater Xray TERRORISM

Feb 9 2019 Alexis Nihon Atwater Garda Security inform me that the owners are banning me for filming my surroundings, a mouse, and radiation;

Feb 16 2019 SPVM FINE "Police Discretion" 838 899 806 ref May 17 2021 auto-guilty $194.00 & July 28 2021 Backpack theft (SAAQ ID)

Oct 7 2019 Scottish Dancers (Canadian Black Watch) Complex-Desjardins

Oct 17 2019 Complex-Desjardins Xray TERRORISM

911 #19101701646 No Police Report, No Police Ethics violation 19-1732 (POLICE DISCRETION) "no cameras", Security guard threats of being banned if physically attacked again.

Dec 10 2019 Concordia University Xray TERRORISM Called SPVM Police, No Police Report, No Police Ethics violation .. (POLICE DISCRETION)

Dec 20 2019 Physical attack at Dorval SPVM Det. Legault Police Report # ..

July 18 2021 Park ave accident "did you see what happened?" Cameras in light poles (raining, woke with guy (new stranger in area along with another similar man) next to backpack - wants blanket on backpack)

July 28 2021 MTLEV2100685535 Backpack theft, SOEKS Quantum, Laptops, .. , Canadian Passport, bank cards, credit cards, .. on Park ave (Mont-Royal Park) "no cameras no investigation no police report";


Sept 6 2019 SPVM Police Park Fine WITHDRAWN, Alhouttes Game Tents & BBQs Prep, "camping" sitting at Alouettes picnic table and eating

April 22 2020 STM SPVM Fine WITHDRAWN


Oct 29 2020 SPVM 50 Police (STM) 1) No Washrooms Question? A. Homeless Sleep In Them.. 2) Terrorism CBRNE(S) Sonic Weapon Question? A. .. ?

MOBBING RESEARCH : CHARBONNEAUS (MLepine) Feb 21 2011 Oct 21 2011

Oct 12 2020 (STM Boivin & STM Baciu ref Dec 1) Monthly Pass, HANDCART ISSUE

Dec 1 2020 Xmas (STM Peltier & STM Baciu ref Oct 12), Expired Monthly Pass $588 Fine (refused to provide SAAQ id fine)

Mobbing Research 2011 & Lepine, Boivin, Peltier


  • quebec cnt psychological harassment

    PSYCHOLOGICAL HARASSMENT at work is vexatious behaviour in the form of repeated conduct, verbal comments, actions or gestures:

    • that are hostile or unwanted
    • that affect the employee’s dignity or psychological or physical integrity
    • that make the work environment harmful.

    A single serious incidence of such behaviour may constitute psychological harassment if it has the same consequences and if it produces a lasting harmful effect on the employee.

    • This behaviour is humiliating, offensive or abusive for the person on the receiving end. It injures the person’s self-esteem and causes him anguish. It exceeds what a reasonable person considers appropriate within the context of his work.

    • Considered on its own, a verbal comment, a gesture or a behaviour may seem innocent. It is the accumulation or all of these behaviours which may become harassment.

    • The comments, gestures or behaviours in question must be considered hostile or unwanted. If they are sexual in nature, they could be considered harassment even if the victim did not clearly express his refusal.

    • Psychological harassment makes the work environment harmful for the victim. The harassed person may, for example, be isolated from his colleagues due to the hostile verbal comments, gestures or behaviours towards him or concerning him.


    Has Changed

    Harassment in the workplace

    quebec cnt >>
  • france labour code moral harassment (le harcèlement moral)

    MORAL HARASSMENT (Le harcèlement moral)

    Defined by the Labour Code; Moral harassment is manifested by repeated gestures that have the goal or effect of degrading the working conditions and that are susceptible of violating a persons rights at work and his dignity, effect his physical or mental or compromises his professional career. The author being: an employer, a staff member, a colleague of the victim…

    Has Changed

    Egalité professionnelle, discrimination et harcèlement

    france >>
  • sweden victimization

    VICTIMIZATION in the form of various kinds of reprehensible behaviour can be committed both by employees and by the employer personally or his representatives.

    The phenomena commonly referred to, for example, as adult bullying, mental violence, social rejection and harassment - including sexual harassment - have come to be seen more and more as problems of working life in their own right and will be collectively referred to here as victimization.

    • Slandering or maligning an employee or his/her family.
    • Deliberately withholding work-related information or supplying incorrect information of this kind.
    • Deliberately sabotaging or impeding the performance of work.
    • Obviously insulting ostracism, boycott or disregard of the employee.
    • Persecution in various forms, threats and the inspiration of fear, degradation, e.g. sexual harassment.
    • Deliberate insults, hypercritical or negative response or attitudes(ridicule, unfriendliness etc.).
    • Supervision of the employee without his/her knowledge and with harmful intent.
    • Offensive "administrative penal sanctions" which are suddenly directed against an individual employee without any objective cause, explanations or efforts at jointly solving any underlying problems. The sanctions may, for example, take the form of groundless withdrawal of an office or duties, unexplained transfers or overtime requirements, manifest obstruction in the processing of applications for training, leave of absence and suchlike.

    Has Changed

    Mental illness, stress, threats and violence

    swedish work environment >>