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"vengence is a suckers game son" (retaliation manipulation)

Suicide Factors: hate, rejection, and anti-gay rhetoric are linked to cyberbullying and young gay teen suicides.

"Women still not equal in the workplace, the gay community still repressed through hate and rejection."

The Coercive Tactics are linked to Sexual Harassment, and a good informative read from Margaret Thaler Singer PH.D

Discrimination and sexual harassment are both linked to poor health. Sexual harassment is linked to power, and the coercive mind control tactics article by Margaret Singer PH.D is linked to the issue.

On the Occupational Health and Safety page (out dated) activity involves British textile corporations in Bangladesh, Tesco, Tommy Hilfiger, The GAP, building safety, and the death of thousands of women.

The Obesity Epidemic and Sugar page to promote awareness: MENTAL HEALTH "Consuming a high-fructose diet not only undermines body metabolism but compromises mental health," -- LDL CHOLESTEROL "Studies have linked excess sugar consumption to dangerous levels of LDL cholesterol, increased plaque deposits" -- Number One Killer of Women, HEART DISEASE -- HIGH COST OF OBESITY (2010): $147 billion a year, $14 billion for child obesity, $344 billion projected in 8 years, 21% of total medical costs. -- "American Diabetes Association shows the total cost of diabetes was $245 billion in 2012 -- a 41% increase"

Influence of the Mind is our most recent page that involves intentional homicides through psychological manipulation, influence of the mind, suicide and causing intentional rage shootings through abuse, retalation manipulation to advocate gun control. A defenseless population to hidden subjugation through organized crime and tyranny.

Secret police participants that engage in psychological harassment at the workplace and in public locations, threats of homelessness, different threats, also engage in Psychological Manipulations, Influence of the Mind Homicides, and have been documented on Psychological Manipulation

We created the Radar Assaults and Faraday Cages and Technology pages to provide information about these technologies that victims are faced with at the workplace, in cities, and from neighboring homes.

We started updating our site again after purchasing a new laptop, which improves SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google Page Rank but got hit immediately on Jul 28 2021 through backpack theft ref SPVM Agt Corbeil and Agt Croteau. A Strange events with clues linked to this theft which includes RCMP, SPVM, QC Gov (SAAQ, IVAC, Carons). The SPVM Police behaving like criminals with an inconsistence story regarding my backpack and cameras.

Dec 2021, new laptop.. New Updates include Xray TERRORISM, an ongoing corruption issue with RCMP, City Police, Gov.. (some evidence stolen on Jul 28)

Mobbing in Modern Society, attempts to bankrupt Danny Hunt started on Feb 21 2011 .. this story and new related complaints can be found on our Facebook page.

Many of the homeless are gay drug addicts, Native women too. They will not pay rent "low income housing", and it's a medical issue.

Discriminsaiton, Harassment, Women's Rights


Star Wars President Raygun, DUNE 1984 ..


Police Chief Parent, Pichet, Prud'homme (SQ) removes SPVM Police Chief Pichet due to internal affairs fabrications scandal, Montreal Mayor has to choose between Caron or Carbonneau? Caron, and now Dagher.

SPVM Police Chief Dagher, "the knife" is a sonic weapon term used for the Gamma Gun.


1995 Liberal Paul Martin balanced budget with E.I. fund, no quitting. (sexual harassment, mobbing, burnouts at workplace)

1999 Liberal PM Chretien & McLellan : Influence of the Mind Homicides repealed. (secret police involved in suicide manipulation, retalation manipulation.)

2017 Liberal PM Trudeau & Wilson-Raybould : Death Needle for QC Terminal Illness. (ongoing gov and police corruption ragarding radiological and sonic weapon terrorism. RCMP NS Jurisdiction)

2020 RCMP NS imposter shootings, Trudeau wants to ban all guns;


Used to burn lungs, stomach, testicles, shins, .. , inflict brain, heart, liver damage, brain tumors,.., sleep deprivation, restless leg syndrome,.., Human Trafficking, instruct secret police participants.

(News) Sonic weapon attacks on USA Gov employees in China and Cuba.

Yoav Medan: Ultrasound Surgery


Xray assaults from neighboring apartments, workplace stock rooms, from behind washroom and sitting area walls, indoor parking below shopping center eating area, at homeless shelters,.

Aug 17 2017 UQAM University Xray TERRORISM

Feb 8 2019 Atwater Alexis Nihon Shopping Center Xray TERRORISM

Oct 17 2019 Complex-Desjardins Xray TERRORISM

Dec 2 2020 2am 2nd auto-guilty victory STM (SPVM) fines (STM Peltier, Boivin, Baciu ref Oct 12 2020) MLepine themes starting 2011 ref Charbonneaus and Mobbing Research

Feb 14 2022 Complex-Desjardins Xray TERRORISM

May 10 2022 Complex-Desjardins Xray TERRORISM

Aug 26 2022 Complex-Desjardins Xray TERRORISM (CPM 329 HIGH)


Top Mountie violated her legal obligations by being too slow to respond to complaints, judge rules

RCMP says it cleared its backlog of complaints — but not before some of the complainants died


Ongoing Government and Police (RCMP, SPVM) corruption when it comes to radiological weapon terrorism. Sonic weapons too but no evidence against these criminals, organized crime and terrorism.

It's RCMP NS Jurisidiction. I strongly suspect it's linked to retaliation manipulation.

The RCMP Complaint Commission is equally corrupt with responses that the complaint is vexatious to no RCMP mandate in cities is correct.

Ongoing allegations and fine fabrications too. I suspect their methods involve trying to eliminate any evidence of corruption, means of subsistence ex job followed by "no address no check" - Gov, inflict terminal illness (Trudeau death needle 2017), and continue fabricatng allegations and fines.


Although we weren't first to talk about psychological harassment, instead of preferred bullying, I believe we were the first site in 2003.

I'm not sure when or who wrote suicide factors first but I believe we were first to write Rage Shooting Factors (Shooting Risk Factors), and possibly first to include movie and tv video clip examples.

First to document secret police participant psychological manipulations and retalation manipulation attempts.

More recently, combined with the Mobbing Research article Laval Police Lt Charbonneau arrest of Feb 21 2011 PHIA was possibly first to document building a faraday cage shielding bunker, Laval Police repeated intervention and incarceration attempts, during the false allegation criminal proceedings (Judges France Charbonneau Oct 21 2011 has no time to read.. Abuse Of Process).

First to catch powerful xray terrorism attacks ref ex: Feb 8 2019 Oct 17 2019 (see above links).

Awaiting results of complaints against three Federal Justice Canada judge, MTL City Judge Dec 2 2020, and RCMP ref Aug 26 2022 and Oct 21 2022, Jan 9 2023.


ALPHAS S1E1, illustrates what secret police participants are actually doing, psycholological harassment, influence of the mind.

ALPHAS S1E1 : Influence of the Mind Homicide (3:35) CENSORED
ALPHAS S1E1 Influence of the Mind (1:47) CENSORED


Government of Canada publishes new regulations to prevent harassment and violence in federal workplaces
- June 24, 2020 Gatineau, Quebec Employment and Social Development Canada — All Canadians deserve a workplace free from harassment and violence.
- Bill C-65, the federal anti-harassment and violence legislation, to help keep Canadian workers in federally regulated workplaces, including the most vulnerable, safe.
- The Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Regulations (the Regulations) are now published in Part II of the Canada Gazette and will come into force, along with the legislation, on January 1, 2021.

H.R. 4445 Ending Forced Arbitration of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Act of 2021
- Remarks by President Biden at Signing of H.R. 4445 .. (The bill is signed.) It’s now the law. (Applause.) 5:58 P.M. EST MARCH 03, 2022

Exclusive: Senate sued for $332,500 over cancelled survey on employee harassment

Removing sexual harassment from military chain-of-command

What the workplace harassment law reform will mean for you

Bungie's head of HR steps down following reports of toxic workplace culture

Six more women sue Tesla over workplace sexual harassment

Former SpaceX workers say company has a culture of sexual harassment

  • quebec cnt psychological harassment

    PSYCHOLOGICAL HARASSMENT at work is vexatious behaviour in the form of repeated conduct, verbal comments, actions or gestures:

    • that are hostile or unwanted
    • that affect the employee’s dignity or psychological or physical integrity
    • that make the work environment harmful.

    A single serious incidence of such behaviour may constitute psychological harassment if it has the same consequences and if it produces a lasting harmful effect on the employee.

    • This behaviour is humiliating, offensive or abusive for the person on the receiving end. It injures the person’s self-esteem and causes him anguish. It exceeds what a reasonable person considers appropriate within the context of his work.

    • Considered on its own, a verbal comment, a gesture or a behaviour may seem innocent. It is the accumulation or all of these behaviours which may become harassment.

    • The comments, gestures or behaviours in question must be considered hostile or unwanted. If they are sexual in nature, they could be considered harassment even if the victim did not clearly express his refusal.

    • Psychological harassment makes the work environment harmful for the victim. The harassed person may, for example, be isolated from his colleagues due to the hostile verbal comments, gestures or behaviours towards him or concerning him.


    Has Changed

    Harassment in the workplace

    quebec cnt >>
  • france labour code moral harassment (le harcèlement moral)

    MORAL HARASSMENT (Le harcèlement moral)

    Defined by the Labour Code; Moral harassment is manifested by repeated gestures that have the goal or effect of degrading the working conditions and that are susceptible of violating a persons rights at work and his dignity, effect his physical or mental or compromises his professional career. The author being: an employer, a staff member, a colleague of the victim…

    Has Changed

    Egalité professionnelle, discrimination et harcèlement

    france >>
  • sweden victimization

    VICTIMIZATION in the form of various kinds of reprehensible behaviour can be committed both by employees and by the employer personally or his representatives.

    The phenomena commonly referred to, for example, as adult bullying, mental violence, social rejection and harassment - including sexual harassment - have come to be seen more and more as problems of working life in their own right and will be collectively referred to here as victimization.

    • Slandering or maligning an employee or his/her family.
    • Deliberately withholding work-related information or supplying incorrect information of this kind.
    • Deliberately sabotaging or impeding the performance of work.
    • Obviously insulting ostracism, boycott or disregard of the employee.
    • Persecution in various forms, threats and the inspiration of fear, degradation, e.g. sexual harassment.
    • Deliberate insults, hypercritical or negative response or attitudes(ridicule, unfriendliness etc.).
    • Supervision of the employee without his/her knowledge and with harmful intent.
    • Offensive "administrative penal sanctions" which are suddenly directed against an individual employee without any objective cause, explanations or efforts at jointly solving any underlying problems. The sanctions may, for example, take the form of groundless withdrawal of an office or duties, unexplained transfers or overtime requirements, manifest obstruction in the processing of applications for training, leave of absence and suchlike.

    Has Changed

    Mental illness, stress, threats and violence

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