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Teen Suicide Jeffrey's Law

Megan Meier's Story Part 1

Megan Meier's Story Part 2

Caitlin Nolan Tennessee Bullying Law

Wearing Pink to support Victims of Bullying

Olivia's Letters Support for Victim of Bullying

Disabled boy with a limp bullied on bus

Cumberland County Bullying

Jennifer Hartstein PsyD Roosevelt Hospital

Yale study Charles Nemeroff Risk Medical

Parents Perspective William Pollack PH.D Harvard

New Cyber Threat for Teens

Cyberbullying on Good Morning America

New York City Bullying and Hate Law

Cumberland County Bullying

British Girl Bullying Violence

Today Cyberbullying - New Cyber Threat for Teens

Cyberbullying on Good Morning America

Cyberbullying AHEAD of the Curve

Dealing with the Office Bully

Toronto Maple Leaf's GM Mr Burke Bullying and Gays Teens


The Brain: Super Memory Expert

Ivan Pavlov Classical Conditioning

Behavior and Fear Conditioning

The Effects of Music on the Brain

Terry Tate Office Linebacker (humor)

Dan Aykroyd driven to homelessness

"Credibility, it's the only currency on this playing field"


Living For Ever: Technologies to extend life

Nanotechnology: benefits and threats to mankind

Stem Cells to Regenerate the Body

Longevity and Good HDL Cholesterol

Videos on Psychology - Classical Conditioning, Behavior and Fear Conditioning, The Brain, and Bullying Videos.

Classical Conditioning Video - Ivan Pavlov

Behavior and Fear Conditioning Video - E. Thorndike, John B. Watson (fear conditioning), Mary Cover Jones (unconditioning), B.F. Skinner

The Brain Video

Jeffrey's Law - A video on Bullying and Teen Suicide

Trading Places Scenes - Homeless to Wealthy and Wealthy to Homeless through manipulation
(Conclusion page states that some people are driven to poverty, homelessness, and suicide)

Movie scenes related to psychological harassment

Humor: Terry Tate - Office Linebacker

Today Brain Gym - Flexing Your Mind's Muscle - Dr Gary Small 21/05/2009

Today Mind Games - Tricks to Boost Your Memory - Psychologist Belisa Vranich

Today Japan laughs away stress 04/05/2009

Today Eat away stress 16/04/2009

Today How does depression affect the brain? 12/12/2008

Today Stress at Work 27/07/2008

Today Stress leading to Office Rage 19/08/2008

NBC News Economic Stress hard on Health - Relieve Stress 20/08/2008

NBC News Debt Stress Dangerous to Health - Heart Attack 23/06/2008

Today Effects of Stress 07/01/2008

NBC News Tai Chi Mind-Body Connection 07/05/2008

ABC News 7 Foods to Boost Immunity 04/30/2009

ABC News Is Your Teen Depressed? Research suggests doctors should routinely screen teenagers for depression. 03/30/2009

ABC News Vitamin D and Heart Disease. Research suggests a link between heart disease and low levels of vitamin D. 03/11/2009