Workplace physical violence is on the rise. Many Countries have been shocked by extreme physical violence in their workplace and schools. If measures are taken to prevent and reduce psychological harassment or bullying and mobbing, it will probably reduce physical violence.

Psychological Harassment can have devastating effects on those targeted. It can affect people financially, physically, psychologically, and has driven many to suicide.

It is believed, or known, by many people that psychological harassment and psychological manipulation is used on people intentionally to push them over the edge or to a breaking point.

Your Country, State, or Province may not have any provisions to prevent psychological harassment or bullying and mobbing.

The Network

Many people claim that a network exists that uses Psychological Harassment or Manipulation or mind control (see Coercive Mind Control Tactics systems written by Margaret Singer PH.D in the 1980's), negative conditioning, degrading themes notably pedophilia, and advanced technologies to target them. They are intentionally driven to poverty, homelessness, and suicide. A criminal psychological harassment network that is and has been committing crimes and atrocities above all others against our society.

With the technologies such as the one concerning sound, described on some websites, the possibilities for psychological harassment, psychological manipulation "mind control", and torture are endless. Advanced technologies can also be used to further attack and discredit victims of crime.

The Weapons and Tools

Psychological Manipulations - harassment, conditioning, and manipulations.
(invisible technology that can be used as a weapon)
(threats, intimidation, fear conditioning, fear and honor attacks, psychological constructions, degrading themes, negative conditioning, and behavior modification)

Degrading Themes - degrading themes of pedophilia and homosexuality.
(degrading themes, notably pedophilia, are used in attempts to prevent exposure or to prevent the victims from coming forward and exposing the perpetrators)
(they are also used in combination with psychiatry to induce fear "profile" "psycho-analyzed")

Credibility - the medical community is used to discredit or attack the credibility of victims.
(psychological harassment or manipulations and procedures linked to the medical community, psychiatry, designed for the purpose of or used to discredit or attack the credibility of victims to prevent exposure, and permit in public use (covert))
(a diagnosis of a mental disorder affects your credibility and makes you vulnerable to crime or organized crime)

Stress and Sleep Deprivation - many health related issues.
(hypertension, heart failure, adrenal disorders (cortisol), immune suppression, cancer, macromineral deficiencies, and acid-base disorders)
(affects the brain, heart, muscles, bones, and can cause death)

Cortisol and PTSD - high levels of Cortisol affect the brain linked to fear and memory.
(high levels of sleep deprivation and stress are used to increase the Cortisol levels of the victim which affect the memory centers of the brain)
(high levels of cortisol play a role in imprinting areas of the brain linked to fear and PTSD. With high levels of Cortisol in the victim, attempts are made to induce fear or to use fear conditioning)

Money - the victims means of subsistence are eliminated to prevent exposure and crime can be increased or encouraged.
(shelter, food, medical care, legal action, criminal record (credibility))
(note that when you are diagnosed, wrongly or correctly, with a mental disorder, you become, in most cases, uninsurable for medical and life insurance)

Substance Abuse - alcohol and drug abuse can be increased or encouraged.
(can increase or lead to health and psychological issues ex: acid-base disorders aka alkalosis and acidosis.)
(linked to psychological manipulations, stress, and credibility (visibility))

Strategies, tactics, and technology designed and created for use on the general population and society.


Although Dr. Heinz Leymann, a psychiatrist, pioneered the research on Mobbing in Sweden in the early eighties, psychiatry, the main recipients of the victims of psychological harassment (mobbing), burnouts and depression, have not continued his research. In fact, if you contact psychiatric institutions or associations, they have no research, documentation, or statistics on the issue. They do, however, have a lot of research, documentation, and statistics on different medications. There is a more then 20 year gap in information, documentation, and research. Many people also claim that psychiatry has actually been hiding and covering up the use of this psychological harassment or manipulation technology and are used to discredit its victims.

Psychological Manipulation Tool Set

The psychological manipulation tool set is an invisible technology that when used can have some very serious psychological and physical effects. Documentation and research makes it visible.

The First Rule of Psychological Warfare

The credibility of the victim must be destroyed or the credibility of the victim must be destroyed in order to be able to prevent exposure and use psychological harassment or wage psychological warfare on them.

Since psychological harassment or warfare was said not to exist by psychiatry, to claim that psychological harassment or warfare is being waged on you has the result of you being discredited by psychiatry.

Macromineral Deficiencies used for Torture or Pain

Basically, high levels of stress and sleep deprivation can also lead to macromineral deficiencies and acid-base disorders which results in muscle and bone pain among many other physical disorders. It's an invisible way of inducing pain and suffering which is torture used for coercion.

macromineral deficiencies and acid-base disorders can lead to osteoporosis or bone loss.
high levels of stress, cushing's syndrome, can lead to muscle wasting and bone loss.

The Stress and Sleep Deprivation Weapon - "invisible" technology

Long term and short term effects of stress and sleep deprivation can cause the body damage and be deadly.

Acid-Base disorders, caused by high levels of stress and sleep deprivation, leads to osteoporosis or bone loss.
Cushing’s Syndrome, caused by high levels of stress and sleep deprivation, leads to muscle loss or muscle wasting.
Sleep deprivation prevents the growth hormone, which builds muscle and bone, from being released in the sleep cycle.
Sleep deprivation "messes up", increase decrease, your hormones like cortisol, growth hormone, and testosterone.
The cell repair hormones can be over whelmed with lack of sleep, and make more DNA errors, causing more mutations, leading to increase risk of or cancer.
Sleep deprivation can cause heart attacks or strokes.

Sleep deprivation can lead to loss of consciousness resulting from the failure of red blood cells to transport oxygen to the brain.
Sleep deprivation leads to a “pre-diabetic state”.
Sleep deprivation negatively affects the production of a hormone called Leptin causing weight gain.
Sleep deprivation affects adversely the white blood cell count in humans as well as the body’s ability to fight infections resulting in a weakened immune system.
Sleep deprivation can cause depression.

Sleep deprivation causes such a very sharp rise in cortisol, the stress hormone, levels. Such an imbalance can lead to hardening of the arteries, something that can cause a heart attack. Sleep deprivation's effects are also system-wide, causing the kidneys to retain more sodium and effecting structural changes in organs that participate in blood pressure regulation, including the kidneys, heart and blood vessels. High blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart disease, which, in some form, affects more than 80 million Americans and can cause heart attacks, heart failure and strokes. Very high cortisol levels lead to muscle loss, increased fat storage, loss of bone mass, cause depression, cause hypertension, cause insulin resistance (the cells in the body lose the ability to accept insulin), and lower growth hormone and testosterone production.

Sleep deprivation causes depletion of neurotransmitters in the brain that are in charge of regulating mood. Because of this, sleep deprived people have a “shorter fuse” and also tend to get depressed more easily. Melatonin, primarily secreted at night, may trigger a reduction in the body's production of estrogen.