Degrading Themes

Q. How are degrading themes used and how are they used as a threat?

Degrading Themes by themselves can have a shocking value and have a lasting effect. It will probably stay in your memory and thoughts for a long time.

The way they are used is usually to threaten and humiliate a person and in many cases for both reasons.

The way it works is that insinuations will be made that you are a pedophile or a homosexual for example, and then a threat will be made towards that group. For example "all pedophiles or homosexuals should be killed". So basically what it adds up to in your mind is that you think, that the people making the insinuations think, that you are a pedophile or a homosexual and that they want to kill you. given the fact that homosexuality is more socially acceptable, pedophilia is usually the one that is used because of its seriousness and hatred towards pedophiles. Different groups can also be used like ethnics, religions, criminal organizations, and nationalities.

Strategy and Tactics

The way Degrading Themes are usually used in the workplace:

1- Shock, prep, and smoke screen.
Weird comments or discussions about sexuality, for example, will occur that can also have a shocking value by themselves. It's also used as a prep or smoke screen for what is to come or for what follows.

2- Insinuations
Insinuations that you belong to or are part of a selected group will be made. Ambiguous comments are usually used also. Ambiguities are usually used to induce doubt or uncertainty.

3- Indirect Threat
A threat will be made towards that selected group, which is an indirect threat towards you. Since you have been lead to believe that the people making these insinuations think you are a part of this group, it's a threat aimed at you. The desired result is that you feel threatened or fear.

4- Threats and Fear (preventing the victims from coming forward and exposing the perpetrators)
The victims of these tactics maybe reluctant to come forward because the threat was made towards a selected group and not directly at them. They may feel the effects of the threat, but may not understand the psychological manipulations behind them. The victim may not want to come forward when the threat was made towards homosexuals, for example, and that they are unable to explain why they feel or felt threatened. The victim may also believe that they will not be believed given the fact that the documentation about these psychological technologies do not exist or cannot be found. Psychiatry may also be involved and used as a threat in the sense of building false profiles for false accusations.

Subtle Threats or Attacks to Destabilize a Person

Personal or sensitive information can also be used to humiliate or threaten a person. Personal or sensitive information that is shared with a friend or others can be used to humiliate the person when the relationship ends or takes a turn for the worst. People can also feel vulnerable when they believe that some of their personal or sensitive information may be shared with others. This is also part of a psychological manipulation tactic where the victim is threatened or attacked with subtle remarks to destabilize them.


Psychiatry can be used as a threat in the sense of building false profiles or to build false profiles to wrongly accuse and convict people of a crime that they did not commit.

Q. What are these strangers or auditory hallucinations saying?
A. They are saying that I'm a pedophile, part of a criminal organization, and that I experience great pleasure and joy in killing people.
Q. What else are they saying?
A. They keep repeating and saying that there is a "catch".
Q. Tell me about your mother.

The threat of "filling up" a profile or creating a false profile.

Psychiatry can also be used to cover up or hide the use of these psychological manipulation technologies and also to discredit the victims with a false diagnosis or by using the victims confused state of mind and claims. The sensitive information that is shared with psychiatry, that can also be obtained with listening devices, can also be used to further humiliate and threaten the victims. The usual response from psychiatry would be to claim that as more information is shared, the more the symptoms of mental illness can increase and that these manifestations and symptoms need to be controlled with a higher dose of medication.

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