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Ontario - Understand the law on workplace violence and harassment
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New AMA anti-harassment policies the right step for the profession
Sexual Harassment in the Practice of Medicine
How psychological safety can help resident physicians flourish

5 ways to support medical residents facing patient discrimination
5 ways to target medicine’s gender inequities
Why the AMA’s standing up for LGBTQ rights in the Supreme Court

Why women physicians are more likely to experience burnout
Measure, act on these 6 factors tied to physician burnout

AMA adopts policy to address increases in youth suicide and save lives
AMA seeks more data on physician, medical student suicide

Workplace bullying must have absolutely no place in medicine
AMA adopts new policy aimed at preventing bullying in medicine
Bullying in the health care workplace: A guide to prevention & mitigationg
Medical resident bullying: Here's how often it happens
Why bullying happens in health care and how to stop it

Psychology - Catalog of mental health links online, since 1992

Bullying and Mobbing - The Mobbing Encyclopedia

Coercive Mind Control Tactics - Dr.Margaret Thaler Singer, PH.D
How does Mind Control Work - Dr.Margaret Thaler Singer, PH.D - Canadian Initiative on Workplace Violence - Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace - Be safe. Be smart. Have fun online - Government of Canada (Bullying) - Bullying Wiki - Bullying Canada - BBC Bullying - UK ChildLine Bullying - Bullying UK - Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence Violence, Bullying and Abuse Prevention In The Workplace
Canadain Children's Rights Council Inc - Always on? Always Aware!
Alberta - Bullying Find supports

The IACP - Human and Civil Rights (Anti-Human Trafficking)
The IACP - Mental Health

School Bullying - USA - Olweus Bullying Prevention Program
Learning For Justice - BULLYING & BIAS - Welcome to Bully Free at Work: The BLOG - Jared Story: Bullying Depression Suicide - Family First Aid: School Bullying and Teen Bullying Statistics - Committee for Children: Bullying - Wisconson Department of Public Instruction - Management Issues: Bullying - Bullying is NOT a necessary part of growing up. Eliminate bullying. - Overcome Bullying!

CNN - Study: Bullying rampant in U.S. middle schools
REUTERS - Bullying harms kids' mental health: study

Bullying PDF- USA

U.S. Department of Justice: Addressing the Problem of Juvenile Bullying
Bright Futures Tool For Families: How to Address Bullying


The Naked Scientist
How Brainwashing Works (How Stuff Works)

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