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CIA gov employee engages in corruption, sexual harassment, threats.

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The videos are short, women, hollywood, want the discussion to continue, encouraged, #MeToo, more than half are censored

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'The fight against sexual assault in the military has just begun'
NBC's Maria Shriver spoke with three lawmakers who've worked on the issue of sexual assaults in the military for years. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Sen. Susan Collins and Rep. Jackie Speier want to reform military law and send a message that these cases will be taken seriously and prosecuted severely.

Senators seek justice for military sexual assault victims
In an exclusive special report, NBC's Maria Shriver speaks with three senators who are working to create legislation that will allow outside prosecutors to decide whether or not to take military sexual assault cases to trial rather than relying on military commanders to play that role.

Obama implores Navy grads to end sexual assault
President Obama spoke to more than 1000 U.S. Naval Academy graduates in Annapolis, Md., Friday, calling for higher standards of conduct in the military.


Power Drives Sexual Harassment - PsychCentral
A new study suggests the abuse of power can lead to sexual harassment, especially in the workplace. Particularly, in the hands of the wrong person, power can be dangerous. However, the definition and interpretation of power varies by gender and workplace roles.
Issues of power, workplace culture and the interpretation of verbal and non-verbal communication associated with sexual harassment were the focus of a study by Debbie Dougherty, at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Working with a large healthcare organization in the Midwest, Dougherty examined the question: why does sexual harassment occur?
“Power,” she said.

Sexual Harassment 10 Times More Likely In Casual And Contract Jobs - MNT
Women employed in casual and contract jobs are up to ten times more likely to experience unwanted sexual advances than those in permanent full time positions, a University of Melbourne study has found.
Dr LaMontagne says: "The study is important new evidence because precarious employment has been associated with a variety of adverse working conditions as well as with poorer mental and physical health."

Sexual Harassment Of Female Flight Attendants Linked To Poor Health - MNT
Female flight attendants who have been sexually harassed by passengers are almost three times as likely to rate their health as only fair or poor, reveals research in Occupational and Environmental Medicine.
The health of other women working regularly with the public may be similarly jeopardised, suggest the authors.

B.C. Mountie alleges years of sexual harassment - CBC News
"Cpl. Catherine Galliford was the face of the B.C. RCMP for years."
Galliford says she faced constant sexual advances from several senior officers from the moment she graduated from the RCMP Academy in 1991.
"It just got to the point that after I had about 16 years of service, I broke. I completely broke."

Army sexual assault reveals culture of silence
Military sources tell NBC News the man in charge of sexual assault prevention in Fort Hood, Texas, may have allegedly coerced a female soldier into prostitution.

'Egotism' to blame in male politician sex scandals
In the latest sex scandals involving male politicians, San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has announced he will undergo therapy to "address my behavior" and New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner - who is accused of private sexual misconduct - is being parodied on the cover of the New Yorker .NBC's Andrea Mitchell reports.
video no longer available msnbc


Women’s experiences of sexual assault and harassment linked with high blood pressure

Sexual assault, sexual harassment linked to higher long-term hypertension risk in women

NHS should provide sexual harassment and violence prevention training to employees

Higher risk of psychotropic medication after sexual harassment in the workplace

Landmark research shows increase in online sex blackmailing during pandemic

Sexual Harassment and Violence

Men, Women, and Sexual Harassment
Will workplace sexual harassment ever stop?

Sexual Harassment in the Office
When does flirting at work cross the line into sexual harassment?

Encouraging Witnesses to Report Sexual Harassment
Revealing sexual harassment is not just a victim’s responsibility.

When Do Men With Power Engage in Sexual Harassment?
Research suggests three reasons why power can contribute to sexual harassment.