The Favorite Strategies

The Favorite Strategies

The favorite Psychological Manipulations and Strategies of criminal psychological harassment networks

The favorite Psychological Manipulation by criminal psychological harassment networks is to try to put victims on the psychological defensive in order to take advantage of them, weaken them psychologically, and to make them vulnerable.

- One example is deceiving and trapping people in a crime or participation.
- Another is using degrading themes and making insinuations the victim is a criminal or a pedophile.
- Another is threats of being framed for crimes, linked to corruption or organized crime.

The favorite Attack Pattern:

- Making insinuations the victim is a criminal or pedophile to put the victim on the defensive.
- Followed by threats to induce the fight-or-flight response or to induce fear linked to honor and repetitive humiliation.

The favorite Psychological Torture:
- Coercion linked to false confessions or subjugation, similar to slavery.

The favorite Strategy to induce Hate and Anger (Psycho):
- Similar to poking an animal in a cage.
- The use of technology, linked to out of reach and powerlessness, to poke and torture a victim through sleep deprivation and provocation, sound technology, and the use of microwave based technology for threats linked to cancer.
- Torture, Coercion, Subjugation, Physical Damage, Premature Aging, and Cancer.

The favorite Strategy to prevent exposure and prosecution:
- Destroy a victims credibility and brain (sleep deprivation/acid-base imbalance).
- The use of homelessness and cancer linked to invisibility.

The favorite Advanced Technology and Criminal Psychological Harassment Strategy and Pattern:
1) The use of sound technology to sleep deprive victims, less than 4 hours a night.
2) Combined with participants who try to stand behind the victims or out of view at shopping center cash exists and whisper threat related words linked to provocation and adrenaline.
3) Combined with "you are scared", linked to signs of adrenaline, interpretation or conditioning (brainwashing), and attacks to the victims honor.

The favorite Physical Damage Strategy:
1) High levels of sleep deprivation using sound technology.
2) Combined with provocation and threats with sound technology.
3) Combined with participants in public who use threats and provocation to induce stress and adrenaline linked to increased damage.

The favorite Premature Aging Strategy "we aged you":
- Sleep deprivation linked to a lack of body and DNA repair.
- High levels of stress or oxidative stress linked to physical damage and DNA damage.
- Acid-base imbalance from sleep deprivation, stress, and a bad diet.
- Microwave technology linked to DNA damage.

The favorite Psychological Threats:
- Law enforcement and scenarios of prosecution or being framed.
- Psychiatry in strong arm tactics and attacks to a victims psychological integrity and credibility.

The favorite Assassination Methods:
- Sleep deprivation, stress, acid-base imbalance, heart disease and stroke "mob ice pick".
- Cancer, through sleep deprivation, lack of DNA repair, and microwave based technology similar to radar, x-ray, and gamma.
- Both methods are linked to invisibility and impossible to prosecute.

The favorite methods of pushing victims to Homelessness:
- Workplace psychological harassment to eliminate means of subsistence.
- Sound technology linked to sleep deprivation and victims who try to escape sleep deprivation.
- Microwave technology linked to intimidation and death threats that are linked to cancer, homelessness out of fear.

The favorite Deception to prevent exposure:
- Criminal psychological harassment networks, organized crime, miss leading victims to false conclusions, deception.
- False views on reality such as its the government or its an investigation.
- Threats of being framed to silence victims out of fear.

The favorite Rhetoric or Ridicule by participants:
- You sound "paranoid and delusional".
- You should wear a "tin foil hat".

The most important Strategy of criminal psychological harassment networks:
- The use of criminal psychological harassment networks and technology to increase the attack on the psychological integrity and credibility of victims.
- The same technology used to torture, subjugate, push to homelessness, and assassinate victims.

The most important Components:
- Workplace psychological harassment and criminal psychological harassment networks.
- Psychiatry and psychiatrists.
- Homelessness.
- Technology.
- Cancer.

Psychological Manipulation linked to Torture and Organized Crime:

Torture can be linked to false confessions, threats of being framed, and a psychological manipulation to silence people or victims of crime.

One example are criminal psychological harassment networks, organized crime, who use psychological harassment and torture linked to false confessions or threats of being framed in order to silence victims, subjugate victims, assassinate victims, and prevent exposure.

Another example are the terrorists who admitted to other acts of terrorism and were cooperating with the FBI but claimed they had nothing to do with 911.

Once tortured they ceased to cooperate with the FBI, stopped providing information, and were silenced.